Guest Blog: How to Help Underserved Populations Thrive With Digital Work

Author: Liz Vickers Liz Vickers has been working exclusively on freelance platforms since 2011. She’s worked consultatively with many partners helping them to mobilize populations online – including refugee camps, Veterans organizations, and African & Middle Eastern geographies where limited economic opportunity exists. She currently volunteers mentoring talent in Kakuma refugee camp one-on-one and is […]

Preemptive Love Coalition’s WorkWell programme in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan (Preemptive Love Coalition, 2019)

Guest blog: The emergence of digital microwork among forcibly displaced people: lessons from Iraq and Palestine

What is the role of digital microwork in providing employment opportunities for forcibly displaced people? In this guest blog post, Giselle Gonzales reflects on her research to explore this question.    The world now faces the highest number of forcibly displaced people (FDPs hereafter) ever recorded. A lack of economic opportunity has been identified as […]

Guest blog: Na’amal: Building the ecosystem for refugees working remotely

Many obstacles exist to making remote work a livelihood opportunity for refugees, in this post Lorraine Charles reflects on what her organisation, Na’amal, is doing to address these challenges.    Employment provides refugees the ability to access a dignified livelihood. Essentially, livelihood activities are important because they allow individuals to build functioning social networks based […]

ILO Headquarters Geneva

Digital refugee livelihoods and the future of work

Through an ongoing collaboration with the Migration Branch of the International Labour Organization, I was invited to give a seminar at the ILO headquarters in Geneva. The main goal of the seminar was to share a first outline of the project in order to make its outcomes more relevant for the ILO and key actors in the future of work.